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Thoughts on Handel and Bach Flute Sonatas

Handel and Bach were born in the same year.

They lived almost the same length of time (Handel survived Bach by only 9 years).

They are the most important representatives of the High Baroque and Late Baroque.

Bach never  came out of the German-speaking area

Handel, on the other hand, travelled as far as Italy (four years there), later moving to England. Nevertheless, his music is not perceived as “Italian”, not as typically English (apart from the choral music tradition), it actually remains “German”.

The music sounds similar (German and Baroque), but after a few bars you can immediately say: This is Handel or Bach. So what is the difference in the personal style of these two very similar composers on the one hand, and yet immediately recognizable as individual composers on the other?

The Flute sonatas by Bach and Handel give us the opportunity to deal precisely with the differences and to work out the individual personal style of the composers, including their interpretation, and to convey “my” view to the audience.


Dorothea Seel

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