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About the creation of the Lausanne Bach Festival

This year we are celebrating the twenty years of existence of the Lausanne Bach Festival. Two full, uninterrupted decades, marked by the desire to share, to bring to light Ancient music and that of Johann Sebastian Bach, of his predecessors as well as his contemporaries. As many treasures offered to the greatest number of listeners not only from our area, but from all over Switzerland and abroad.

Glancing through these twenty years of programmes, I can see that our initial project was able to progress. All the great musicians we have invited follow us, are keen to return, and international musical reviews easily mention us as a festival that has become, over the years, one of the great gatherings of Ancient music in Europe.

Nowadays, it is taken for granted that interpretation of ancient music must essentially be based on a “back to source” attitude. And that these works undeniably require to be interpreted on period or period style instruments, the only ones that can truly give them back their beauty.

It is thanks to the support of patrons, foundations, sponsors and partners who encouraged me at the start, and thanks to the enthusiasm of Dominique Meyer, Jean-Jacques Rapin, Alexandre Barrelet, Pierre Goy, Jean-Claude Genoud, Didier Kohli, Daniel Robellaz and Jean-Marc Longchamp, that I was able to create the Bach Festival.

Neither would this festival be what it is without the precious support of the members of the Foundation Board, Music Commission, Friends Association, as well as the remarkable work of our administrative secretary, and that of our stage manager and all our co-workers. It is thanks to them that a fabulous surge is instilled into each subsequent edition, and that our energy is constantly revived.

Through these words, I should like to express my heartiest and most vivid gratitude to all.

If 2017 is that of the Lausanne Bach Festival’s twentieth anniversary, our minds are already looking to the future. We wish and hope to develop further in order to share with music lovers from near and afar these beautiful works that are so ancient and yet so modern, with interpretations both fertile and innovative, fruit of each artist’s extended research.


Kei Koito
Founder and artistic director of the Festival


Translation : Isabelle Watson